-All guests that come through the gate are counted towards your party total, including the host.   

-Guests must enter the park through the front desk entrance only.   

-No alcohol can be brought onto the property unless a release form is signed. 

-Large events may need to have a bartender if having alcohol or liquor. 

-No glass is allowed on the property.

-Outside venders must get approval from the office and will need to sign a waiver.

-Music is allowed at a reasonable volume.

-Equipment and property must be treated with respect while on the property. 

-All guests must be aware and must follow the pool rules of the park. 

-No smoking is allowed inside the park.

-Guests are not allowed to enter the concession stand or kitchen without permission. 

-Parents/guardians’ are responsible for supervising all children during the party/event.

-All guests must check in at the front desk and receive a wristband before entering the park. 

-If a child is not a strong swimmer, they should only swim in the shallow end of the pool and be within an arm’s length of an adult. 

-Party guests can decorate but must remove all décor before leaving the facility.

-An estimated number of guests must be provided a week prior to the event.  

-Host and guests are responsible for cleaning up after the event.  

-Balance must be paid the day of the party or a 10% fee will be charged.

-Outside caterers will be allowed but must follow all food handling standards. 

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