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Services Offered


Windwood now offers private pool membership for individuals and families as well as summer child care or day care. Windwood also holds catered company picnics and family parties at the facility throughout the summer. Windwood Park is located in Bradfordwoods, Pennsylvania. We have a wide variety of children that attend our day camp. Many of the children come from the surrounding cities such as Wexford, Sewickley, Cranberry Twp, Mars, Warrendale, Gibsonia, Hampton, Franklin Park, McCandless, Valencia, and Pittsburgh.


History of Windwood

Windwood Park was founded in 1919 by a family who were named the Winds. Mr. Wind and his family owned a bar and bakery in New Castle, Pennsylvania. During the prohibition Mr. Wind realized that owning a bar would not be a profitable business to be in, so he started looking around for another type of business. He purchased the property in Marshall Township and named it Windwood combing his last name and the woodsy environment. He then developed it into a summer resort where people from Pittsburgh could come and enjoy those hot summer days. The pool was a lake at first until 1940 when the board of health department demanded that it needed to be chlorinated due to the amount of people using the lake. So the lake was drained and cement was poured and the pool was formed. The pool has a unique design as it is shallow on the sides with the deepest part being in the middle. It is a great pool for small children to learn to swim as the lower part is wadding entrance deep. It is the second largest pool in the North Hills area (350.000 gallon). It is also unique in the way it gets water to fill it. There are several fresh water springs under the pool, which are then pumped into tanks and then pumped into the pool. It takes two weeks to fill the pool with water.

In 1957 the Wind Family sold Windwood to the Law Family. Through the years the Law Family has made improvements, but the uniqueness of the environment remains the same. It is now being operated by three generations of Law's. In 1989 Windwood started a summer day camp for duel income families. Now these children of duel income families have a safe clean place to spend their summers.

Windwood has a rich history. Through the years Windwood was the hub where families socialized and children learned to swim. It had a membership of nineteen hundred individuals, a swim team of one hundred and sixty swimmers, a strong outdoor tennis program, along with many social activities. Now some of those same members who were children are bringing their children to Windwood to enjoy, build memories and also learn to swim. Through the years Windwood has had to make changes in their programs. It is now a multi membership facility. Now there are three types of memberships being offered, Pool membership, Summer Day Camp membership, and Corporate Outing membership. No matter what membership one would choose to partake in, they will have to admit summers at Windwood are the best!

Kerry Ryan



I attended Thiel College where I graduated with a bachelors degree in Business and Management Information Systems.  While at Thiel I also enjoyed participating in basketball and golf.  


Shortly after graduating from college I had the pleasure of meeting a wonderful women by the name of Patty Duerring. Patty was a true blessing who had introduced me to the Law Family and this wonderful unique place. Patty has since past way from cancer but will forever be in my heart.  I have now worked for Windwood Park for going on 14 years now and love every minute of it.