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Pool Rules and Regulations

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● No Glass or Smoking inside the facility

● No running on the concrete



● No rough play in the water

● No chairs or beverages are allowed in the swimming pool

● Deep Water Test Rule: If you or your child/children are not strong swimmers, you will be required to stay in the shallow end of the pool. If a lifeguard removes someone from the deep end because they feel they are not a strong enough swimmer, they will be required to stay in the shallow end. A deep-water test can be given if an adult feels their child can swim in the deep water. If they cannot pass the test, you will be required to stay in the shallow end of the pool which is roped off for your protection.

● Adult Supervision: All adults with small children are responsible for watching their young children while here at the facility. Please make sure to always keep a close eye on them. Any child left unsupervised causes a higher risk of injury and is unsafe. Membership can be revoked if this rule is not followed.

● Deep End of Pool: The deep end of the pool gets deeper as you walk in because of the angled sides, so please be careful as you walk towards the center of the pool.

● Floatation devices are allowed up to the side chair closest to the diving board. Please do not take them into the area where people are diving. They are also at the lifeguard’s discretion. If the pool is too busy, they may need to be removed.

● Adults are allowed to swim to the first guard chair (closest to the shallow end of the pool) with a child that cannot swim but must be always within arm’s length of the child. Anyone that does not follow this rule will be told to go to the roped off section of the pool (shallow end). Adults are only allowed to have one child at a time with them.

● Potty Training: Children that are not potty trained will be required to wear a swim diaper. Also, if you have a young child, please remind them to use the restroom before they go swimming.

● Baby Pool Area: The baby pool area is for children aged 0-4. There are no scheduled lifeguards at this location. Adults must be always present if the child/children are in the pool.

● Pool Closing Time: An announcement will be made 15 minutes prior to close to remind you that closing time is near. Please use that time to prepare for departure. The pool will not close until the scheduled time.

● No stopping the water coming out of the jets in the pool, it will blow up the filter




● Waterslide: You must pass the deep-water test, be taller than the sign, or be over the age of 11 to go down the waterslide.

● Only one person at a time can go down on each slide. Mats must be used, and you must sit with your feet first.

● Please wait for a lifeguard to signal you to go. No goggles or floats allowed on the slide.

● No ball tossing or chasing ANYTHING down the slide, it will get sucked into the blowers.

● No one is allowed to sit on a parent’s lap going down the slide.

● No parent can catch a kid off the water slide!



● One bounce on the diving board

● No goggles diving board

● Everyone must exit the slide pool immediately

● No swimming under the diving board

● NO back flips off the board

● No Jumping/diving on the sides of the diving board, jumping from the side of the pool desk is to be done between the ladders.

Terms and Conditions:


Weekend Swim Membership Options


Weekends Only starting June 8-August 18th.

Available Times:  12:30-5pm

Waterslide Availability: Will fluctuate depending on staffing.

Concessions:  Snacks and Drinks will be available for purchase. 

Hot food may be available depending on staffing. 

Pavilions:  May be rented out only during weekends between 12:30-5pm



Cost of Membership

Single Membership


Family Membership


Initiation Fee




Rules and Regulations

Pool Members must abide by the rules and regulations of the park.

Members and Guests must check in through the main gate at the front of the pool

No Glass or Smoking inside the Park at any time.

Please make sure to read over the pool rules before attending.

All property belonging to Windwood Park must be treated with respect.  Damage to property may result in revoking your membership. 

Lounge Chairs may be limited.  You will be allowed to bring your own chair or blanket if you like. 

Members must be listed on the membership in order to attend the pool

Guests can only come with a member, when the member is present at the time of entry.

Guest fees are $10.00/person. 10 pack of passes can be purchased under your membership account online and are non-refundable if not used before the end of the season.

Grandparents must be added to their own membership. 

Rainy days or stormy weather may result in closing the pool early or for the day. 

If alcohol is brought into the park, it must be in cans, no glass allowed.

If anyone under the age of 21 is caught drinking on the property, the police will be called.

Refunds will not be given if you do not attend throughout the summer. 

An initiation fee of $50/per membership will be charged to the following:

a.      New members of the swim club

b.      Any previous members who have not paid the initiation fee since 2021.

c.      Any previous member who has had a gap in their membership. 

No single membership can be sold to children under the age of 12.

Optional babysitter pass can be purchased for $100.00

No refunds after May 1, 2024, and a $50.00 processing fee for ALL refunds

Any member 18 years or older who files separate income tax forms and is not a full-time student must register and pay as an individual membership, not a family membership.

The membership will run for up to 11 weekends.  There is a possibility that we may close the pool due to bad weather.  Days when the pool is closed will not be made up. 

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