Day Camp Rules and Regulations

Parents Guide to Windwood Day Camp’s

Policies and Procedures

  • Pick Up and Drop off Procedure

    • Speed Limit of 5mph in this area

    • While In Line to pick up kids

      • Do not pass other cars

      • Do not get out of your car when in line.  If you need to speak with us or come up to the office, please park down in the grass area. 

      • Please have drivers license available for pick up. 

      • Any one that picks up your child must have written permission by parent/guardian.

      • Payments can be handed to the counselor that is checking in/out the campers. 

    • Early Pick Up

      • Please check the schedule or call the main office (724-935-6880) to see if your child is at the upper day camp or lower facility during the time you need to pick them up.  If you pick your child up at the lower facility, you must report to the pool front desk area with your driver’s license to sign out your child.  Any one that picks up your child must have written permission by you a head of time.  You must submit a written note in the morning if you need to pick your child up for an appointment at a certain time, that way we can have them ready. 

      • Please send a note letting us know you will be picking your child up early.    

    • Late Pick Up

      • If you are running late and cannot pick your child up until after 6pm.  Please call the upper day camp (724-935-8319) and let us know.  There is a $3 charge for ever 5 minutes you are late.  That payment must be made when you arrive.

    • Storming During Pick Up

      • If it is storming during pick up time, we will have the children located at our lower pavilion near the pool area.  There will be a sign posted at the upper day camp sending you to the parking lot above the pool.  There we will greet you and help your child into the car.

    • Late Drop off

      • If you are dropping your child off late, you will be responsible for getting them to their group.  Please keep a copy of the schedule on hand.  A copy will also be available at the upper day camp.  Please make sure your child checks in with their counselor. 

  • Lunches

    • Packed lunches will be put in the upper day camp refrigerator when your child arrives at camp

    • Hot lunches need to be signed up and paid for before 9am at the upper day camp office.

    • Lunch tickets must be filled out and handed in with your payment.

    • Lunch tickets will be available at the upper day camp office.

    • The lunch ticket and payment need to be submitted in order to receive lunch. Order forms are available online at under online forms.

    • If you purchase a lunch and do not come that day, please call the office to have the lunch ticket moved to another day.  Otherwise the lunch will be made and your money will not be applied to another lunch.


  • Documentation

    • A Signed Registration Form and Payment in Full or Deposit must be paid in order to register your child for the weeks you would like to have.

    • An Emergency Card, Health Report, and Parent Policy Form must also be filled out when you send in your registration.

    • A Field Trip form must be signed and sent in if your child plans to attend a trip. This can be sent in the week of the field trip, unless we have informed you otherwise.


  • Behavior Policy

    • We have a strict NO bullying policy.  Please see the attached “Anti-Bullying Policy” specifically explaining our expectations of the children and you as parents.  Please do not take this lightly. 

    • Bad Behavior Time Out policy

      • Warnings (your child will receive a warning before serving any time out.)

      • If the issue is severe we will dismiss the warning and put your child in time out for 15 minutes.

      • If they receive a warning and the issue continues then your child will be put in time out for 15 minutes. 

      • If the issue continues, and time out is given several times, you will be contacted and your child will be sent home for the day. A meeting may also be scheduled with the parents/guardians to see if we can get to the root of the issue. 

      • After that if the issue continues each day your child will be dismissed from camp. 


Please understand we want each and every child to have a great experience and enjoy being a child.  We also want each parent to feel confident in the safety and supervision of our staff.  That is why these rules are in place. 


  • Field Trips Policy

    • Each field trip will have its own individual permission slip.  We will include the description of supervision for that specific field trip and also specifics on lunch.  These slips will be handed out on Monday the week of the trip.  Please fill out the slip to your specifications and approval.  Then sign and have it back to us before the trip. 


  • Deep Water Test Policy

    • A deep water test will be given in order to see if your child is safe to swim in the deep water.  The test also determines whether your child can go down the waterslide alone or not. 

    • The test consists of swimming the short length of the pool and back, certain strokes are expected to be used and treading water for the length of 60 seconds. 

    • If your child struggles and calls for help they will fail the test.

    • We will require that your child wears a specific wristband while in the swimming pool if they have not passed the deep water test.  This is just and additional precaution that will be doing.  Please talk to your children about the importance of keeping it on while at the pool.  Our staff will hand out and collect the wristbands each day.


  • Electronics At Camp

    • We prefer you do not send the electronics to camp. We have seen may get lost or stolen.  The electronics have become a distraction to may of the children while at camp. 

    • Our policy states that no electronics are allowed to be used during scheduled activities, group games, or watersports.  Please relay this information to all of your children. 

    • If children do not listen and continue to have the electronics out, we will take them for the day and will return them to you during pick up.

    • If the issue continues we will ban them from being at camp.

    • Any inappropriate behavior on the electronics will result in dismissal from camp for the day and a phone call to the parent/guardian.  Also, the camper will not be allowed to bring that electronic back to camp.   

    • There is an attached “Policy for electronics”, that we ask you to read, sign, and return to camp their first day.


  • Pool Rules

    • We will provide you a list of the pool rules.  These rules are set for the safety of all people at the pool. 

    • Children not following the pool rules will result in a warning, time out, meeting with parents/guardian, then dismissal if it continues.


  • Bad Weather

    • During bad weather the children will be split up under the three separate pavilions.  We have many indoor games and projects for the children to do during this time.  If we need to move our pick up location to the lower camp, we will notify you by email that day.


  • Payments

    • Payments must be made before the week you are attending or Monday of the week you are attending at the latest.  If payments are not received by the end of the day Monday of the week you are attending a $25 late fee will be added to your bill.

    • You will not be able to return to camp until your unpaid balance is received. 


  • Illness

    • If your child has developed an illness and has been at camp, please make us aware of what your child may have.  We will need to send home an illness report to the parents. 

    • If your child has diarrhea please let us know.  Any child that has diarrhea will not be allowed in the swimming pool until they are feeling better.  If an accident would happen in the pool we would need to close it for a long time to heavily chlorinate the water. 


  • First Aid

    • Basic cuts are taken care of by our counselors but anything more than that is taken care of by our First Aid/CPR Certified Staff Members. 

    • Emergency Action Plans are put into place incase a major accident would happen. 

    • Accident Reports are filled out, unless it is a basic cut. 

    • We will send home a small report if something has happened while at camp. 

  • Ropes Course

    • Please see the attached Ropes Course Parent Letter and Contract.  You will be required to fill this out in order for your child to participate in the ropes course activity.


  • Photo Permission Slip

    • We sometimes like to take pictures of the fun activities the children are doing at camp.  This will be available to fill out on the online or printable parent policy guide form. 

  • Switching Weeks-If you would like to switch a week you have signed up for to another week, you must request approval from the office before switching.  Please send an email to with your request.  Certain age groups may already be full and we may not be able to switch the week for you.  If the office has not approved your switch and you bring your child anyway, your child may not be able to stay if the group is full.  Also a late fee of $15 will be charged if you bring your child without office approval.       


  • Adding Weeks-If you would like to add weeks, please email the office with your request.  Once approved the weeks will be added to your existing registration form.  There is no need to fill out a new form online.  A $20 late charge will be applied each time you add weeks after May 20th.  

  • Bathroom Policy:  All children must be properly potty trained before attending Windwood Park.  We understand that accidents can happen so we have put a policy in place for that.   

  • If your child has an accident while at camp:

    • 1. If your child has a messy accident while at camp, you will be contacted by the director, assistant director, or head counselor.  You will have the option to come change your child or pick your child up for the day.  

    • 2. If your child has a non-messy accident while at camp,  we will have your child shower and change into their extra closes for the day.  Then we will let you know at pick up that your child had an accident and if there are any further details we may have for you at that time.   If your child does not have any extra clothes, you will need to bring clothes for your child to change into or pick your child up for the day.  

    • 3. If your child has multiple accidents while at camp, the director and assistant director may make the decision to remove your child from camp.  

  • Changing Policy

    • Children must be able to change themselves while at camp.  Counselors are not permitted to help change a child, unless written permission has been given.  Children will be responsible for following the changing room policy of 1 child to a stall.  Children will have time to change into and out of their swim wear, before and after swimming.  Counselors will monitor the main area but will not be permitted in the stalls to help change a child.  


Anti-Bullying Policy


Bullying is when one or more people exclude, tease, taunt, gossip, hit, kick, or put down another person with the intent to hurt another. Bullying happens when a person or group of people want to have power over another and use their power to get their way, at the expense of someone else. Bullying can also happen through cyberspace: through the use of e-mails, text messaging, instant messaging, and other less direct methods. This type of bullying can also lead to persons being hurt during or between the camp seasons and be especially hurtful when persons are targeted with meanness and exclusion.   


At  Windwood Day Camp, bullying is inexcusable, and we have a firm policy against all types of bullying. Our Camp philosophy is based on our mission statement which ensures that every camper has the opportunity to acquire skills, knowledge, friendships, and life experiences while here at camp. We work together as a team to ensure that campers gain self-confidence, make new friends, and go home with great memories.


Unfortunately, persons who are bullied may not have the same potential to get the most out of their camp experience. Our leadership addresses all incidents of bullying seriously and trains staff to promote communication with their staff and their campers so both staff and campers will be comfortable alerting us to any problems during their camp experience and between camp seasons. Every person has the right to expect to have the best possible experience at camp, and by working together as a team to identify and manage bullying, we can help ensure that all campers and staff have a great summer at Windwood Day Camp.


  • If a camper is caught bullying, there will first be a strict warning given to make them aware of what they are doing.  A letter will be sent home to the parent or guardian that day.  We expect all parents or guardians to talk with the child about the bullying situation to help prevent it from happening again. If you have done this then your child may return to camp.   

  • If the bullying continues, a parent will be contacted and the child will be required to be picked up immediately.  A meeting with the parents or guardian will be held on the phone or in person to discuss the matter further.  The parents must agree to put their full effort in at home to help the child understand that what they are doing is unacceptable at camp.  This is the final straw.  If the effort is put in and we at camp feel comfortable with the child returning to camp, we will give them one last shot.

  • Anymore bullying from here on will result in the child being dismissed from camp.  


Policy for Electronics at Camp


  • As we see the world of technology changing from when we were children, we also notice the affect it is having on the children. Although we prefer that you do not send electronics to camp, we are not going to ban them completely but instead try to limit the usage.  We have noticed over the last few years that it has become more and more difficult to get the children to participate in activities.  Many children want to sit out and play on their electronic devices instead of participating.  We feel that it is important for your children to enjoy the outdoors, try new things, and use their social skills while at camp.  When children are on their devices they are much less social and unwilling to participate in activities.  This year we will have a strict policy on when the children can use the electronics.  It is our hope that you understand why we are putting this policy in place and that you speak with your children about when they will have permission to use the devices.  The electronic devices consist of game boys, tablets, cellphones, ipads, ipods, etc.

  • Also, we do not allow your child to take pictures or videos of other campers. If you child is caught taking pictures/videos we will ban your child’s device from camp for the remainder of the season. 

  • Social media is also not allowed to be used between campers and staff. We also do not allow children to verbally bully another child through social media.  If this is caught you child may be dismissed from camp. 

  • Windwood is also not liable for the electronics if you choose to send them to camp with your child. We are also not liable for how your child chooses to use the device while here at camp. 

Social Networking and Blogging Policy

In general, our camp views social networking sites (e.g., Facebook), personal Web sites, and Weblogs positively and respects the right of campers to use them as a medium of self-expression. If a camper chooses to identify himself or herself as a camper at our camp on such Internet venues, some readers of such Web sites or blogs may view the camper as a representative or spokesperson of the camp. In light of this possibility, our camp requires, as a condition of participation in the camp, that campers observe the following guidelines when referring to the camp, its programs or activities, its campers, and/or employees, in a blog or on a Web site.


  1. Campers must be respectful in all communications and blogs related to or referencing the camp, its employees, and other campers.


  1. Campers must not use obscenities, profanity, or vulgar language.


  1. Campers must not use blogs or personal Web sites to disparage the camp, other campers, or employees of the camp.


  1. Campers must not use blogs or personal Web sites to harass, bully, or intimidate other campers or employees of the camp. Behaviors that constitute harassment and bullying include, but are not limited to, comments that are derogatory with respect to race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, color, or disability; sexually suggestive, humiliating, or demeaning comments; and threats to stalk, haze, or physically injure another person.


  1. Campers must not use blogs or personal Web sites to discuss engaging in conduct that is prohibited by camp policies, including, but not limited to, the use of alcohol and drugs, sexual behavior, sexual harassment, and bullying.


Any camper found to be in violation of any portion of this Social Networking and Blogging Policy will be subject to immediate disciplinary action, up to and including dismissal.

Here are the times your child will be allowed to use electronics!

  1. All Children will be allowed to use devices during drop off (7-9am) and pick up times (3:45-6pm). 

  2. Children ages 7+ will be allowed to use their devices between 2-3pm (which is part of their free swim time)




  • Deep Water Test Rule: As a member anyone under the age of 12, will be required to take the deep water test. If you cannot pass the test you will be required to stay in the shallow end of the pool which is roped off for your protection.

  • The deep water test can be given to any one of any age so please let us know if you feel like you need to take the test.

  • Wristbands will also be available to purchase at the front desk as an additional precaution. The lifeguards know that if they see the wristband, that person has not passed the test and must stay in the shallow end of the pool.

  • Adult Supervision: All adults with small children are responsible for watching their young children while here at the facility. Please make sure to keep a close eye on them at all times. Any child left unsupervised causes a higher risk for injury and is unsafe.

  • Deep End of Pool: The deep end of the pool gets deeper as you walk in because of the angled sides, so please be careful as you walk towards the center of the pool.

  • Flotation devices are allowed up to the side chair closet to the diving board. Please do not take them into the area where people are diving.

  • Adults are allowed to swim in the deep water with a child but must be within arm’s length of the child at all times. Any one that does not follow this rule will be told to go to the shallow end of the pool. Adults are only allowed to have one child at a time with them.

  • Potty Training: Children that are not potty trained will be required to wear a swim diaper. Also if you have a young child please remind them to use the restroom before they go swimming.

  • Baby Pool Area: The baby pool area is for children age 0-4. There are no scheduled lifeguards at this location. Adults must be present at all times if child/children are in the pool.

  • Waterslide: You must pass the deep water test, be taller than the sign, or be over the age of 11 to go down the waterslide.

  • Only one person at a time can go down on each slide. Mats must be used and you must sit with your feet first.

  • Please wait for a lifeguard to signal you to go. No goggles or floats allowed on the slide.

  • Pool Closing Time: An announcement will be made 15 minutes prior to close to remind you that closing time is near. Please use that time to prepare for departure. The pool will not close until the scheduled time.

  • One bounce on the diving board

  • No goggles on slide or diving board

  • Kids must walk up on the path to the top of the slide

  • Kids must exit the slide pool immediately

  • Must sit or lay flat going down the slide, No knees or head first!

  • No ball tossing or chasing ANYTHING down the slide, it will get sucked in to the blowers.

  • Must pass the deep water test before going on the slide.

  • No one is allowed to sit on a parents lap going down the slide.

  • No swimming under the diving board

  • No stopping the water coming out of the jets in the pool, it will blow up the filter

  • No running on the concrete

  • No chicken fighting or children on shoulders

  • No parent can catch a kid off the water slide!

  • No hitting with the noodles

  • Only squishy balls can be in the pool, no further than the 1st guard chair. No playing with the balls/squirt guns on the diving board, no exceptions!!

  • No swimming under the board or hanging on the board

  • No playing around the ladders or hanging on the ladder

  • NO back flips off the board

  • No Jumping/diving on the sides of the diving board, jumping from the side of the pool desk is to be done between the ladders.


  • No stacking of inner tubes or diving off of them.

  • No chairs are allowed in the swimming pool.

General Rules

  • The Early Bird Discount is available until February 15th.

  • The Mid-Spring Discount ends on April 1st.

  • Late registration fees and weeks added after May 20th face a ($20/week) late fee.

  • Meal Tickets of $30.00($6.00/lunch) are available to purchase (online).

  • Remember to apply your deposit amount to your final payment if you qualify. If the deposit was not applied when applicable, it will not be refunded after payment was made.

  • No refunds after May 20,2021.

  • A $50.00 processing fee will be charged for ALL refunds over $100 and a $25.00 processing fee for ALL refunds under $100.

  • Late arrivals must call 724-935-8319 by 9am if they need a hot lunch. Lunches are nonrefundable.  If you do not come to camp on a day you paid for lunch and you want to move it to another day, you must contact the upper day camp office (724-935-8319) a day in advance or at the latest before 9am.  No changes will be made past 9am the day of. 

  • The Hot Lunch ticket and payment are required to get lunch for the day or week.

  • CAMPERS ARE NOT ALLOWED TO BRING: Star Wars Miniatures, Pokémon Cards, Swords, Squirt Guns, etc. to camp. Cell phones and game boys are only allowed during certain times of the day. Please see the parent policy guide.

  • No one will not be allowed to stay on the property with the children during camp unless they are hired staff members.

  • Campers must remain in their assigned groups, unless director has approved a switch.

  • Multi-child Discounts and only be apply to the regular rates and can not be combined with the discounted rates. 

  • Weekly payments must be made in advance and will be accepted up until the Monday or the week you are attending.  Payments made after Monday face a $30 late payment fee. 

  • Covid Restrictions will be in place for this summer.  Windwood Park plans to follow all guidelines set forth for summer camps.